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Tell me who praises you and this will tell me who you are: Fr. Fortea on Bishop Fellay

Translated from Non Possumus by Br. Raymond of Pennafort, T.O.P.

Father Fortea (note the lack of manliness in this photo which the priest himself published).

"There is no doubt that Fellay is much smarter than Archbishop Lefebvre. Intellectually, there is no comparison between the two."

The new admirer of Bishop Fellay is Fr. Fortea a well-known "Exorcist" and Spanish "charismatic", who made the following statement in 2012 about theSSPX:

(...) "Speaking of the followers of Archbishop Marcel Lefevre, an excommunicated archbishop, that’s why I was surprised when I heard some writers, (I do not think they know the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre personally), stating that they have so much to offer to the Church. I do not know what they can offer to the Church, but I know the message they bring into the world. 
"The most beautiful compliment to my best-known theological work, Summa Daemoniaca, was received from the hand of the Lefevrist critics. It deals with praise that, for many years, I kept in my little heart as the most charming compliment I had ever received. I was told that it continued to be forbidden to read my book because in it there was an exceedingly merciful vision of God and an overly optimistic focus on Salvation. Since then, I have had contact many times with faithful and priests of the Society, those who seek a monarchical Church, uniform and similar to the structure of an army. 
"They do not bring the Holy Tradition of the Church but the tradition understood under personal nineteenth century inflexibility. They do not bring rigor but rigidness.They do not bring obedience to the canons of orthodoxy but disobedience to the canons under the guise of orthodoxy. They do not bring the beauty of the liturgy but the pride of the non serviam. 
"Their spirit is not the full-scale, free and friendly patristic heritage but the punctilious spirit of self-righteousness mixed with the message of Christ.
"But they will return, and we will welcome them. And we will welcome them with the generosity that the great Second Vatican Council taught us. To those who speak out in favor of an absolute authority in the concept of a steel fist, when they return, they will be shown the  kind-hearted authority taught to us by the Holy Spirit in the time of John XXIII and Paul VI. 
"Yes, they will return. And they will return because deep down they know that it is not rubrics and mandates that save. You can love whatever you want to: the rubrics, the priestly vestments, the surplices and incense in a silver thurible, but on condition that you know that those things are not what saves you. The way that Jesus taught us is reflected in tradition, not in traditionalism. It is not the ritual of St. Pius V nor the Novus Ordo that save us; it is God's mercy.
"They know this in the very depths of their souls, and they hear in their hearts a Divine Voice warning them deep within your consciousness. Buddhists and Muslims will be above them in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Regarding Francis:

"Declarations of Pope Francis 
"I have received a number of emails in recent months, asking me on a personal level what I think of such-and-such statement from Pope Francis. 
"In some of these emails, I sense some concern. Some have the vague feeling of fear to say that what is white is black. 
"Stay calm! We have a visible shepherd on earth, and God wants us to obey our supreme legitimate shepherd: the Pope. 
"In this game of chess that is the Faith, the rules are clear. And the Pope can move the pieces at will. So long as he moves according to the the rules, he has all the freedom in the world to make the moves that he so desires. 
"What if the Pope makes a move that is not allowed? Then are we wrong to think that this move was not allowed. (sic) 
"We must listen to the Pope not to confirm our own positions but to learn. In the Church there are only pastors, those who have received such a position from above through the Church. The figure of the spontaneous-lay-inquisitor does not appear in the Epistles of St. Paul."
And now what is happening is that Fr. Fortea is praising Bishop Fellay (bold enphasis is ours):

"Reflecting on Bishop Fellay

"Several websites echoed statements made by Monsignor Pozzo about Bishop Fellay having accepted the solution to integrate with his priests and faithful into a personal prelature in the Catholic Church. 
"The news as given (short interview responses) continues without clarifying much about the future. It can be understood as a request for imminent entry, or it can be understood as if they would be integrated under the canonical construct. 
"I think the optimistic option is the most likely sequence of events. Just read the letter from Father Schmidberger, seminary rector of Society's German seminary, to realize that each time it becomes the increasingly more reasonable choice among the most sensible among those of the SSPX. 
"I will wholeheartedly rejoice when they come back into communion with the Church. It will be to live through the return of the prodigal son to his home. 600 schismatic priests entering in the bosom of the Church. 
"Maintaining cohesion in this unstable magma of faithful and priests has been an epic work of its superiors. That priestly fraternity has always been a volatile chemical compound with an apparently explosive trend. Like a clumped mass of cells, it has always been on the verge suffering four or five simultaneous mutations. 
"When the SSPX claimed they wanted to follow orthodoxy, one wondered which orthodoxy. The orthodoxy of Archbishop Lefebvre that signed all the of the Vatican II documents? The orthodoxy of the schism within the schism that Williamson embodied? The orthodoxy of the legion of avid listening sedevacantists of countless pseudo-revelations? Of course the superiors of the Society do not follow the unserious branches of the forefathers of the SSPX: the ravings of thuc bishops (who were a bit like the crazy grandmother of the fefevrists), nor that of the Old Catholics bishops, who were the other traditionalist branch that ended up turning into modernism. 
"That's why the issue of orthodoxy ad internum was so indisputable as a touchy subject. We follow orthodoxy. Yes. Yes. The question was what orthodoxy. It was no longer the sound orthodoxy of the choir of the Church but the orthodoxy of one or another tenor; the lyrics were clear, "more or less". The problem was the music that accompanied the lyrics. 
"Fellay has undoubtedly had an intellectual evolution, perhaps even a spiritual one. He has spent years watching with clairvoyance that left to its own devices (without being grafted back into the Church) Lefebvrism his gone down the road to becoming a variant of the Palmariana church. In fact, his great struggles of the past several years have not been with Rome but with his own members trying to keep the boat in the Lefebvrian region of reasonable waters. And that has been very difficult. Nobody denies merit to Fellay. 
"Another positive aspect is that there is no doubt that Fellay is much smarter than Archbsihop Lefebvre. Intellectually, there is no comparison between the two.
In any case, it is quite possible that we are approaching the happy news that this sad episode of division is entering its final stretch. And that has pleased me deeply; deeply and sincerely."

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