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Signs of Schism emerging in the "resistance" of Fr. Cardozo

You just can't make this stuff up. It really is a sad state of affairs. Two blogs have just come out full Ambrose (the impostor 'bishop' invited to Kentucky last year to cause scandal). One of these is the blog of the El Paso Mission (a estrogen-dominant group that chose to name it's chapel after Ven. Maria de Agreda). The other blog is the Fr. Cardozo led Pale Ideas. As of now, they have posted the articles in Spanish and Portuguese and promise English soon. The title of the post is: "Fr. Ortiz and friends: it is a duty to alert the faithful". This is as to show us that we must be careful with those who follow Fr. Ortiz. (That's right. They are warning us against Fr. Ortiz because he warned us about the false bishop, Ambrose.) They then characterize Fr. Ortiz by posting a picture of Judas Iscariot with the words: "The traitor receiving  his compensation, guided by the Father of Lies. Who guides the desistance?"

Fr. Cardozo recently with Frs. Hewko and Pfeiffer in the El Paso Mission.

It should be noted that the Pale Ideas blog is under Fr. Cardozo, who has been meeting recently with Frs. Hewko and Pfeiffer. What is incredible is that in the post they say that Ambrose was "falsely accused of being an orthodox" and that Fr. Ortiz writes in the "style of the sophists that elevate certain bishops to the status of divine". All of the questions raised by Fr. Ortiz have been dealt with they tell us. In the post, they refer to Ambrose as "monsenhor", while asking the question to the reader if Fr. Ortiz is writing his 36 page report in aspirations for a "mitre".   The level of depravity of the chapels under the care of Fr. Cardozo is incredible. What next? They actually use the word "mitre" with quotation marks, as if to say that Fr. Ortiz is seeking to become a "bishop", a false bishop. So, they consider Ambrose a Catholic bishop, whom they call Monsenhor, falsely accused of being a scismatic, but they deny that bishops consecrated by Bishop Williamson will be true bishops with "mitres". Finally, they accuse those of us that are a little more mentally balanced than themselves of being great divisors worrying ourselves with those who are "still remaining Catholic" (because we aren't). All of this comes not long after they posted a blog casting Bishop Thomas Aquinas, OSB into hell.

What will we see next from this group?

See the link from Pale Ideas here and the El Paso Mission here.

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