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Exposing the Pfeiffer-cult: Who is Paul Hernandez?

It is necessary to warn Catholics about the many dangers lurking within the Fr. Pfeiffer gang. Fr. Pfeiffer came onto the resistance scene in 2012 as being one of the most outspoken voices against the new direction of Menzingen. He soon began to upload every one of his sermons, some up to an hour or more in length, to his YouTube channel 469fitter. Unfortunately, Fr. Pfeiffer has since caused a lot of harm to the Catholic resistance by his many scandals exposed by good priests and former associates like Fr. Chazal, Fr. Ortiz, Fr. Voight, and others. (See the many posts on Cath Info, the site Ecclesia Militans, and Non Possumus to know more.)

 The purpose of this post is to expose Fr. Pfeiffer's right hand man and cat's paw, Paul Hernandez, also known as Pablo the Mexican. The seriousness of disassociating with the Pfeiffer-sect becomes even more compelling when we take a look behind the scenes and not just at whom the schismatic pretend bishops are that offer 'Mass" on his altar.

Who is Pablo the Mexican? Why does Fr. Pfeiffer insist on this man being at the heart of his operation?

Pablo the Mexican, lay exorcist and 'spiritual vigilante'.

The Phoenix new times published an article (here) about Paul Hernandez in 2001. Here are some excerpts from that story:

Paul Hernandez sits in a dimly lighted two-room apartment on the west side of Phoenix and prepares for battle…He's a self-styled exorcist, a spiritual vigilante who's spent the past 19 years trying to smack Satan into submission…This work can get dicey, Hernandez is quick to advise you. He says he was once rushed to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center after evil apparitions pounded his kidneys. He says that on another occasion, four cherubic-looking little demons restrained his arms and legs while he was reclining in a La-Z-Boy chair. He also recounts being plagued by a series of mysterious eye infections and foot ailments over the years.
If all this is true -- it's difficult to confirm most of his stories and those who have asked him to perform exorcisms describe much more mundane sessions than Hernandez -- why does he put himself through the aggravation? After all, he's not a priest or an appointed church official. He's a plumber by trade, better equipped to expel clogs from a drain than demons from a human body.
Hernandez brings some of that brawling, pipefitter mentality to his exorcism work. Confronted with a person he believes to be demonically possessed, his first response is to disregard church piety and simply shout at the devil -- as he would at a lazy co-worker: "Hey, knock off the bullshit!"
These days, he's a solitary figure: divorced from his wife, keeping his distance from most of his 14 siblings, frequently taking extended sabbaticals from work to concentrate on exorcism projects, and changing residences so often that even longtime pals have trouble finding him.
When a friend recently asked Hernandez where he was living, the self-appointed spiritual warrior cryptically responded, "I can't let people know where the Bat Cave is."
Ultimately, what's unique about Hernandez's exorcism work is that unlike Catholic priests -- who have the authorization of the church behind them -- or Larson -- who's got the power of the airwaves behind him -- he's a renegade, who seems bolstered by nothing but his own unrelenting obsession with Satan.
Such obsessions are often derided by modernists as "spiritual paranoia," and Hernandez frequently does sound more than a little paranoid. For instance, when discussing the legal problems of his 22-year-old son, who has been busted for offenses ranging from methamphetamine to concealed-gun possession, Hernandez proclaims: "The devil hates my boy real bad." Similarly, he blames demonic influence on his ex-wife's decision to leave him nine years ago, and on his car's occasional failure to start.
…he decided to apprentice with the local plumbers union; he spent five years learning his craft before becoming a full-fledged union member. He quickly developed a reputation as a dedicated worker, and a hard-nosed ball-buster, who thought nothing of reprimanding lax workers, or pushing union leaders to make greater contractual demands.
In one case, he says, he even threatened to "squeeze the nuts" of a group of firefighters he encountered buying building materials at Home Depot, believing they were taking contract work away from his union.
Hernandez says word started to get out about his exorcism work, and complete strangers began approaching him for help. In one case, Hernandez received a call from a parole officer. The PO was handling the case of a brawny, sandy-haired Tolleson kid named Cage Keller, and didn't know where else to turn.  
In the summer of 1999, Hernandez was driving home after seeing a movie, when he impulsively decided to pull into the parking lot of Chico's, a popular south Phoenix bar. Inside the bar, he struck up a conversation with Beltran, and she told him about her problems. He offered to perform an exorcism at her house.
In 1997, when Hernandez missed a court date related to a traffic ticket, he asked then-pastor Kenneth Dean to write a letter on his behalf. Dean complied, and his March 24, 1997, letter described Hernandez as a "lay exorcist." It explained that his exorcism work occasionally "makes him dysfunctional," rendering him unable to show up for appointments because he's too busy tackling demons. For that reason, Dean asked the judge for leniency.
Pablo the lay exorcist’s position at Fr. Pfeiffer’s seminary.
-Pablo is in charge of the Youtube channel which uploads all of Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko’s videos. Sometimes Pablo even his own videos. The You tube channel is called 469fitter, in reference to plumbing and pipefitting. The videos of the scandalous communication in sacris that took place in Pfeiffer’s seminary with the schismatic false bishop Moran are currently viewable on the You tube channel. There is a grave obligation to warn all Catholics to stay far away from this organization and not send seminarians there, as Fr. Ortiz confirmed in his report about the visit of the false bishop.
-Pablo is also in charge of the official and copyrighted website of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary of Fr. Pfeiffer. The website is known for having calumniated Bishop Williamson.
-Pablo, along with another woman, is in charge of the finances of the Pfeiffer seminary.
-When Fr. Pfeiffer and other priests are not present in the seminary, Paul Hernandez is placed in charge of the seminarians. It has been reported by some seminarians that Pablo had been watching sexually explicit movies that caused scandal at the seminary. (linkhere)
- One ex-seminarian reported that Pablo is sometimes up at night drinking with a married woman. (link here)
- Pablo lives and holds a key position at the seminary but does not attend Mass or frequent the sacraments. 
- In November of 2014, Pablo the Mexican sent a letter to Mass coordinators making subtle threats claiming to practice Omerta, a mafia-code of silence in committing crimes. (link to letter)
- Many faithful have complained and complained asking Fr. Pfeiffer to break ties with Pablo. Fr. Pfeiffer ignores the complaints of the faithful and continues to maintain this relationship with Pablo even though he has caused many scandals to his opeartion.
- Priests have also denounced Fr. Pfeiffer's relationship with Pablo, but Fr. Pfeiffer ignores their voice.

What do priests and former associates of Fr. Pfeiffer say about Pablo the Mexican?
Fr. Voight:
Why is a known apostate in charge of the seminarians on the weekend? How is this man tied to the “boss” and is this a friendship that is wholesome and beneficial for the formation of theseminarian? How many priests have asked the question: “Why does father keep that person in the seminary? Do birds of a feather really flock together andwhat kind of bird is this “Pablo”? What kind of apple? (Paul Hernandez is alias Pablo and alias Marco Andolino). If it is true that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks then we must conclude that Fr. Pfeiffer's friend, Pablo,is hateful, arrogant, rude and condemning. This is the type of individual who isassisting in the formation of new priests.

"I cannot accept that a practicing and practical apostate (i.e. Pablo) can be good for seminarians. Fr. Pfeiffer tells the young men that they need to know evil to fight it (I believe he is referring to his friend's actions and speech). Then as one seminarian correctly reasoned: “the seminary ought to bring in prostitutes to encourage the virtue and vow of chastity.” It makes no sense but try to tell that to the "boss” (Pablo). 

"Finally, I want to expose the aliases of your favorite person, Pablo the Mexican. Pablo becomes Marco Andolino when he wants to say nasty things about others on the internet. He is Paul Hernandez who seeks to become “one who must be obeyed.” He is a coward, a thief and a hindrance to your mission. He is creating a hateful environment for the seminarians. 
 "When you returned you failed to uphold the priestly authority over the layman. This is lay investiture at its worst. This is a seminary and he is an employee. It was at that point that you lost my respect and trust. I am sorry it happened but you placed me in conflict with Pablo and I will not hesitate to do my duty. You failed to judge by the fruit that was evident. Fr. Hewko recognized it but you were more concerned with Pablo the Mexican. By the way, I learned that the weekly food budget of Pablo was $750 per week. Funny, we were able to have good meals and it only cost me $200 for that week and I was not all day inthe supermarket but got home to work with the seminarians.
"While Pablo was on vacation I told him I didn't want him in the priest's house
and I locked the doors at midnight. He came and tried to get in at 1:30 a.m.
He broke a window. Was he ever corrected? What gives him the right to the
priests' house? What gives him the right to take over the bishop's room? Why
not give him your room or purchase a trailer for him? In my mind he is the boss
and you are a pawn in his hands. He is there continuously and you only
a few days at a time. You want the titles; he wants the power. It is a sad state
of affairs."

Download the complete pdf of Fr. Voights letter here.

Fr. Chazal about Pablo:

"Pablo 'the Mexican Exorcist' introduced this 'bishop' to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko."    here

Fr. Ortiz about Pablo:

"The first practical element that the fathers overlooked in running their seminary is that it is time consuming. How did the fathers intend to reconclie this task with the very busy apostolate outside of the seminary? One of the Fathers' 'solutions' to this problem was to entrust the seminarians to an unqualified layman, Pablo, duringtheir absence..."

"Another sign, revealing a dangerous drifting towards this personality cult mentality, is how Fr. Pfeiffer is using cunningly some laymen to enforce his personal power. For instance, Clergy and faithful, have been disturbed and concerned by how Fr. Pfeiffer has been using Pablo Hernández’ services for years in his Seminary, though it is publicly known that this man does not approach the Sacraments, claims to be an ‘exorcist,’ and has worked most of his life as a worker union official. Those who have lived close enough to Father and Pablo affirm that there is a very close bond among them. Pablo is very much in control of finances and is the person on which Father can always count for the ‘tough’ jobs, using always ruthless methods and his websitesto attack Father’s and his own opponents. Equally concerning isthe fact the Fathers, during their frequent absence from the Seminary, entrust the seminarians to Pablo’s hands to the point of giving them ‘spiritual conferences’ (sic) and fully running the house when the Fathers are away. All the attempts of Father’s friends begging him to dismiss Pablo have been mysteriously not listened to… In any case, Father gives him FULL support and continually excuses his behavior." (link to full document here)


With the voices of several priests, laymen, and seminarians united to denounce an apostate in charge of a Catholic seminary, the fact remains clear that support for the operations of Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko cannot be justified.

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