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Peace, War Number CDLII (452)

Peace, War

The little within our power, let’s do, then God
May spare that much the well deservéd rod.
Here are some small good news and some big bad news, but the balance may be a little redressed by the bad news being of the world while the good news is of the Church. First, the triple good news.
At the beginning of February at the “Resistance” Seminary of St Grignion de Montfort near Angers in France there was a meeting of the half dozen French priests of the Priestly Union of Marcel Lefebvre, USML for short. Bishop Faure presided. Fr Bruno, Benedictine monk, co-ordinated. The USML still has no structure worth speaking of, any more than did the remnant of faithful priests surviving the disaster of the NOM and Vatican II, but vigorous discussion of action to be taken did not prevent a meeting of minds. Faith may hold the USML friends together for a while yet.
Next, on the following day five young men, three from France, one each from England and Italy, received the cassock at the hands of Bishop Faure in a Pontifical Mass celebrated in the church of the Dominican Friary in Avrillé. Under the impulse of the USML the Seminary opened last autumn with eight seminarians, only one of whom is no longer there. They receive a large part of their daily schooling in the same Friary from the Dominican priests who are thus repaying a debt of their own origins to the Archbishop’s Society and Seminary in Écône, where their three pioneers, still their leaders of today, received their initial schooling in philosophy and theology in the late 1970’s and early ‘80’s. Truly, “What goes around, comes around,” but from Bishop Fellay’s Newsociety, hell-bound for Conciliar Rome, the Dominicans parted company prudently last year.
And the last part of the good news from France is that by no means all the SSPX priests in the French District are blindly following their misleader. How could they, when the present head of Conciliar Rome commits day by day, in word and deed, one outrage after another a gainst the Catholic Faith, as though he were set upon destroying the entire Church? The Archbishop’s Society may be sinking, and it may yet sink in this overwhelming storm of liberalism and neo-modernism, but it has not yet sunk. We must pray to the Archbishop in case he can save his Society from the deluded liberals into whose hands it has fallen.
The bad news from the world (see http://​www.​tfmetalsreport.​com/​blog/​7422/​dangerous-moves-new-cold-war) is that the Cold War between the West and Russia is heating up again and becoming more dangerous than ever since the Cuban missiles crisis of 1961. In particular at the end of January the United States government announced its decision to put a fully equipped combat brigade, mobile but permanent, in the countries of East Europe bordering directly on Russia, from the Baltic States do wn to Syria. Never has US military force been placed so close to Russia. The previous closest was Berlin. And the arms race is back on. Both sides are modernising their nuclear weapons, now much more expensive and dangerous, being smaller, more precise, more controllable and therefore more “usable.” The nuclear clock is ticking – at 11h57, say some – and there is no debate.
How can the Western media not be making known a situation developing so dramatically? Because they are controlled by the enemies of God and man who want the Third World War to give them that global dictatorship to which they are convinced that they are entitled. Is there a human hope of stopping them from inflicting upon all of us their folly? It depends not on them but upon Almighty God, whom they are serving as a scourge for ourselves, godless mankind. Let each of us pray the Rosary and do our daily duty. We can do little more. We can do no less.
Kyrie eleison.

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