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The Frightening New Church of the SSPX in Spain

The following photos were taken from the site Syllabus.  They are also available on the official site of the SSPX/Spain (here).  The artwork is terribly and strikingly modernistic and seemingly masonic.  The church itself appears to be something more like a nightclub, though we should wait until it is finished, the façade indicates this as well.  When put in juxtaposition with the atrocious art of the Vatican 2 sect, there is little or no difference.  The SSPX has picked up the new trend of creating images of the Virgin, (if indeed we can call it that) out of junk and scrap metal.  Bishop De Galarreta appears smiling in the pictures.

The Neo-SSPX needed a tasteless scrap metal rendering of the Virgin in order to reflect their new position.

The SSPX's version of the face of the Virgin?

What is this?

Is that an egg?  Why is the Virgin standing on an egg?

street view

Night view.

street view

The 'nightclub' façade, replete with logo.

Bishop De Galarreta enjoying the scenery.

It seems that the Neo-SSPX has dedicated this church to St. James (on his feast day, July 25th) and the construction is complete. It is still difficult to believe that this church belongs to the SSPX. Here is a picture of the altar after having been dedicated. This, obviously, appears to be anything but Traditional Catholic. Notice the short hair of the 'Virgin' with no veil. Notice that the 'crucifix' lacks the INRI inscription and the lack of Blood on the figure. It certainly has the neo-Pagan, modernist signature all over it. It's hard to imagine what the superiors were thinking.

The inside of the church of St. James, SSPX, in Madrid.

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  1. Es un diastro! Que esta pasando a SSPX?
    Udes estan trabajando por el diablo.

  2. It seems the great black harvester, i.e. death, nothing tot do with the Holy Virgin, awful!

  3. From the outside it looks like a Hollywood gay club

  4. ugly and unfitting for a representation of Our Lady! The embracing of Modernism is the message here from the SSPX!

  5. Interesting new observation of a mysterious body in the sky. Looks like the object in Our Lady's train. Makes me wonder if this painting is based on someone's vision of what is coming. We have been warned in prophecy of a large comet or body of some sort as part of the Chastisement. Perhaps this is all part of a vision about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. And it wouldn't be the first time She was shown without Her veil. Certainly can't explain the modern outside of this church or ugly sculpture except to say, there is a lot of that in Spain.
    Fr. Martin used to say to keep watching the skies and that something very big was coming and that the Vatican set up its infra-red telescopes on Mt. Graham in Arizona to keep tabs on it.

  6. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  7. Our Lady's hair is represented as arranged up on Her head as it has been many times traditionally. See "Our Lady of the Rosary Pompeii". And many times She has been represented with uncovered head as well. As for blood on the crucifix, traditionally, there has been very little blood all the way to copious amounts of it. I have a traditional, in fact antique, crucifix that has no blood at all and represents the Crucified as King in all His glorious vestments. Please see the picture at the link below.
    The seeming planetary body comes in the train of Our Lady, but as my son pointed out to me, it actually seems to precede Her. I believe what we have in this painting, made at great expense by a well-known painter, is a representation of the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, that follows shortly upon the Great Chastisement that She has warned us of so many times. You see She is dressed as a Queen and is crowned. The graces and love from His Sacred Heart united with Hers accomplish the restoration of the Church and the world. While I am totally against any deals or talks with Rome, until she converts, I am very consoled that someone has represented on the walls of a Society chapel that triumph we are all praying so fervently for. It must be very soon. If Francis has many more years at the helm, there will be nothing left of Holy Mother Church. Also, here is a link to a video about the object that is being seen with ordinary cameras with telescopic lenses. Watch this video, especially at the 4:00 mark to see the picture I am referring to. I have seen this on many videos and images and it looks always the same, like the one in the painting.
    God bless us and keep us under Her mantle always. Amen.

  8. Sorry, I forgot to include the link to the video!

  9. The video above no longer available...

  10. The outside looks like something between a Japanese restaurant, and a disco.

    The inside looks like a Salvador Dali acid trip.

    They should post a sign outside (in neon) that says:

    "Loss of faith in progress. Come join us, as we are now approved!"

  11. New video produced today showing a comet/planetary body of some kind looking exacty like the one in the painting. I knew it!