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More Fr. Chazal on William Moran, e-mail to Fr. Hewko

It seems that those at "Our Lady of Good Success Mission", also known as Ecclesia Miltans (link here), have come to their senses about the Boston, Kentucky scandals.  God has given them the graces to see through this hooplah. Deo gratias!

What follows is the reproduction on their site of the two correspondences of Fr. Chazal, one to Fr. Hewko and one to us faithful (I have only modified the incorrect use of the lower-case "I", which Fr. Chazal consistently insists on using in correspondence. All collocation errors were left as is.).  This certainly puts it into perspective.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the correspondences of Fr. Ortiz that Fr. Chazal mentions as having studied the situation and carefully brought it to the attention of the resistance priests.  May the good Lord protect our priests!

November 22, 2015 e-mail:

Dear Faithful,

Despite my attempts to get clarifications, I cannot guarantee that Kentucky has done a clean break with William Moran.

The apologies of Fr Hewko are a step in the right direction, but the last time he corresponded was to ask reparation from me.

This fiasco will only end when both Fathers will recognize William Moran as a liar, a forgerer, and a schismatic intruder.

I hope my imperfect assessment will help, and it will be soon be supplemented by Fr. Ortiz's study on this case. He is working directly with the officialities and people who have come across William Moran, same as some of you, dear Faithful.

I really wish I were stationed in the United State to approach all parties involved amongst the schismatic orthodox branches, among other things to get the details about William Moran, and the reasons of his chronic instability in their midst, despite his attempts to cling to them. But all I did so far was at a distance, and I invite you all to pray that our movement dodges successfully and entirely this intrusion.

As for my two confreres, if they perceive what we do in this regard as a vicious attack against themselves and their work, well, that simply confirms a refusal go to the bottom and the truth of this matter and a willingness to make it a personal quarrel which it is not, because these two priests are still much needed to occupy the terrain and serve the souls that are looking for a direction, not added confusion, as the xspx is in its liberal death pangs. Fr. Hewko is sorry for the confusion to some extent, so our hope is that he concludes his interminable inquiry and accepts the mountain of truth that has accumulated. As for Fr. Pfeiffer, I hope he does not throw me out of the Marian Corps!

In Iesu et Maria,
Francois Chazal+

November 14, 2015 e-mail:

Dear Father Hewko,

Sorry,  but all this is the typical pathology of a liar.

Once a lie has been said, more lies have to be told to justify the previous ones. And Greg (whom I believe is behind this attempt) goes on to tell us that it is because it looks so much like a lie that it is true… Didn’t he remember Voltaire? “Mentez, mentez, il en restera toujours quelque chose”. New lies for old, that is why moranists are not replying anything about the old recent lies: successor of king Danielo of Wolinia, Serbian Royal Family, Metropolitan PatriarchArchbishop of Kiev as successor of Cardinal Slipji, special papal priviledge, JP2 certified Josaphat the new ×4, leading authority in the research in neuropsychology, spy trained by the Russian Jesuits, acquaintance of Nixon, the Pentagon, monk of the strict observance… I keep the list short, the full claims are on youtube. “We had to do it quick…say… in a hotel room”… in’n out, man, double check the video of the Sermon of the Bishop from Eternity. I am bemused, yes, but sad about your credulity.

So. What do I do?

I am asking you publicly to explain those claims as true, as non lies. If those claims are true, WM is not a liar and I must apologize to the leading authority in neuropsychology etc.

I am waiting for your charitable clarifications on these important claims he is making. Yet, so far so bad. No reply despite me asking kindly. Instead of that, you are accusing me of calumny and mockery. I am just asking your explanation on this pile of claims he has made in such little time, half of them before you and Pablo s camera.

Now, the new lies.

.1 THE UAOC. Now we have to swallow, under pain of being accused to be calumniators of a Catholic Prelate, that WM was consecrated twice a bishop. Why did he fail to tell us in the first place, especially when the second one was the public deal, performed by no less than eight bishops? Why such solemnity for a conditional consecration, if such was the case (????). What are the motives of these  UAOC Orthodox Bishops to need to “confirm” the alleged Slipji consecration? Like WM 1974 ordination papers, (if these survive the test), it tends to indicate schism in the first place.

Fr. Chazal refers to this photoshopped picture from the alleged consecration by Cardinal Slipyj

If two successive consecrations happened on the same individual, a serious profanation occurred, because even if the first consecration was performed in secret, which it was not, (since we have that photoshop picture in whom some of you still believe, the place was fairly public, and the consecration “secret but not so secret” according to WM on youtube). Sorry, even secret bishops don’t get re consecrated. That is forbidden, if the first is valid beyond doubt as you say, then:

■ simulation occurs in the second one, two months later,
■ or it took eight convalidators to set things right from the otherwise highly esteemed Cardinal Slipji.

I thought  convalidations themselves are prudently discreet events. And in the case of Cardinal Slipji, is there a need of convalidation? This is the same nonsense as pretending to convalidate the Confirmations of Archbishop Lefebvre, something WM just recently boasted in a recent phone interview.

Also, what evidence do you have of the UAOC rejoining the Catholic Church? Kiev blessing? Fine. Bring us the Kiev blessing declaration of Unity with the Roman Catholic Church. The orthodox Ukrainian were particularly heinous against the Ukrainian Catholics under the communist regime. 1976, that's Breznev time, even for Ukrainian Americans. And Paul VI was not interested in the return of the Orthodox to the Catholic fold. The truth on the UOAC is going to be dug, Slipji umbrella or not. Brace yourself.

.2 PAPERS: Fr. Joe says papers and pictures are all that matters, because once the validity is doublechecked, all that remains is for him to embrace or confess the catholic Faith. So the reasoning goes.

You say you have plenty of other papers, and papers keep on popping up, on demand almost. Bring forth your papers, because we believe less and less the ones we have from you so far. But I refer you to the findings of Tony de la Rosa, who by the way is not attacking you but WM. The Slipji consecration certificate looks a perfect fraudulent parallel with the badly photoshopped picture of that same alleged consecration. No trace of the Slipji consecration in the Sancta Sophia church in Rome, no name of Ambrose Moran in the roman Catholic Annuaries (annuaries don’t keep papers, but give names that confirm the paper’s existence. The answer of Fr. Joe was very elusive on this). What can you reply to the testimony of Father Chirovsky? People checked directly with the Toronto Eparchy; it tested negative. And there are clearly orthodox papers, like the 2007 curriculum vitae presented to Gregory or his pictured abjuration of Catholicism, which, understandably, you don’t like at all. Ambrose had quite a life, you got yourself a whole geyser of amazing things he did, or tried to do and traces he left behind.

Being too far I cannot verify the places, papers and meet the persons, but even from the other corner of the world it ain’t looking good. The people doing the digging and googling are your own very faithful. As for me, I am not coordinating anything, but I urge all parties to put the whole truth on the rooftops at once, and limit myself to appraise the fantastic moranic claims and behavioral patterns.


.3 THE GOCA. We have to swallow, under pain of being accused of being evil slanderers with ulterior motives, that WM did not join this orthodox branch. If he stayed 4 months, why did he act with such precipitation as to get involved in a schismatic episcopal consecration at the beginning of his stay, while Gregory was showing no public signs of his return to the Catholic Church? Is a private reassurance enough to participate in such ceremony, as a co consecrator, before all things have been publicly declared and ascertained? Is the enmity of other orthodox bishops sufficient to make catholic an orthodox prelate, knowing that such enmities are typical of this schismatic religion? Could you please reply to my previous query about those who, like JP2 and V2, join the worship of false sects in order to convert them? Is WM still swearing on this issue, or is he calming down?

.4.5.6.etc. the list of fairy tales we are requested to believe in keeps on spreading. He is in fact the metropolitan archbishop of the Holy Protection Cathedral in Chicago, and would take his episcopal residence there if only he would join the schism, while he jumped wholeheartedly into the schismatic wagon of Bishop Gregory. But he took part into the consecration of Bishop John only under the sure assumption that Gregory was totally Catholic (no more to summon him back to Catholic unity as he swore before, dixit Fr. Pfeiffer).

Sorry, fairy tales:

Two more bishops waiting in the aisles, Archbishop Lefebvre was well aware of my work all the while I was convalidating his dubious confirmations.  I was kept in reserve by Archbishop Lefebvre for this day… and all this through direct communication with his New York lawyer who has now conveniently passed away.

We are guilty of systematic refusal to believe, or, worse, pure hatred (“Why so much hatred against us, except bla bla bla”) that sets almost all of us against this ever self adjusting script…

Please understand us for two seconds, Dear Dave: it is the amount we have to swallow, and there is always more coming, that’s why he is so right when he says “I need to go now, so you can recover before I come back again.”

On the pony tail question, same as on the name Moran, I plead guilty. I am not without my faults, failings, and because of the high esteem for the one you call Archbishop, it was the wrong angle. But I can’t  help thinking he is a fraud.

Serious as it may be, the pony tail does not fit the violet biretta, which in turn does not fit the red zucchetto.

I don’t want to be too long, dear Father, but my biggest worry about WMUAOCGOCA is exactly what Greg Taylor advocates for us trusting them, ie, their ability to come in and out of communion with the Catholic Church. WM jumped in the UAOC train just in time, in those few unschismatic years under the catholic Slipji umbrella. That last meeting and falling out with Slipji shows they were probably schismatics all along in the first place. Or Slipji goofed up.

The torrent of commentaries raised by the GOCA episode, within the orthodox schismatic groups shows no signs of Bp. Gregory being tempted to become catholic or WM trying to make him so or WM being a Catholic at any moment in this episode. Look it up, it is on google.

The whole life of WM is a religious “papillonnage”, like a butterfly trying the taste of all different religious flowers and sticking to no particular species. Could you kindly consider that he will use you and dump you as a possibility while you triumphantly produce pictures of him with novus ordos, Latin mass liberals, sedes, Ukrainians… and if we add to your total the crisp and recent pictures with Bishop Gregory it make an impressive tapestry. The “Paul VI and Jp2 were aware of my work” line suggest false ecumenism, same as his conniving with American Jesuits.

You are struggling to prove his validity, I understand that, but validity is not the only thing that matters. You are embroiling yourself with an attitude that hardly anybody understands within the Resistance.

I think he is shifty, even as he speaks. Let him anathematize the Eastern Schism since you now admit he spent some suspicious time with Gregory. Technically he needs it, and you need it to silence us.

Your indulgence is so strange when put face to face with your severity to Bishop Williamson, the Dominicans, Fr Zendejas… and that Quebec sermon putting the sedes in hell. What is the worth of your intransigence towards Bishop Fellay now?

Lastly, could you kindly explain [to] me how the expressions “we are not working with him” and “we do not associate with him” can be understood while he says the Sunday mass in Boston, handles the Blessed Sacrament, preaches, and gets the recording public on youtube with your blessings, and while you acknowledge he is covering the Colorado mission for you? Is that “just visiting”? Or do you mean you are just making the self fulfilling prophecy “if bishops Faure and Williamson don’t come and if Bishop Fellay does not convert Providence will provide”?

It is the second time you are asking me to apologize, but I am still waiting for a kind reply to my bewilderment to the claims made by WM.

You are suffering episcopal deprivation, for now three years, as Bishop Williamson never filled your expectations, ever since October 2012. Instead of such a charlatan as Moran, find yourself a decent Thuc line bishop, Bishop Fulham or a converted Orthodox. Why not? In the ranks of Orthodoxy, I have respect for the likes of Alexander Solzenitsin, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Andrei Kalachnikov.  These I would try to persuade, if their episcopal types could be found, whereas the other shifty type will always play incomprehensible riddles and deceptions on my Latin mind.

The timing of this whole operation is wrong. Realize that by saying “we've been investigating for six months”, it means you found WM in April, a month after the Campos Operation Survival. And now requesting Bishop Faure to come while producing Moran?

Perhaps also you are not replying because you have made up your mind that I am a bad person closed to hearing the truth. In that case, imitate Our Lord who told the truth to the Pharisees whom he knew so well would not listen to him.

It’s not about Thee, it’s not about me, it’s not about Joe, it’s not about we, it’s about the truth we must reveal on WM. I never met the man, so it is not about him personally either.  If your only reply is “you calumny us”, a third time, well, case settled. Let’s go public then.

By rejecting our two Bishops, you have painted yourselves into a much unorthodox orthodox and weird episcopal corner. But you are under the spell of this situation, so now all there is left for me is to pray the spell gets lifted.

In Iesu et Maria,
November 14th 2015, feast of St Josaphat.
François Chazal+

PS. Manuel Chavez s recording and publishing of Fr Pfeiffer’s conference to the seminary indicates that after further inquiry, WM is in good standing and you will associate with him, should Bishop Fellay fail to convert. (you are through with Bishop Williamson, whom you like for old times’, and admit Bishop Faure is about to fail you). You are not excluding WM to come again and even perform ordinations and call those who expose him your enemies, people bent on your destruction, preternaturally.

If you could reply to this letter point by point, without calling me your enemy, and consider the formal object quod of this letter, I would be very grateful. You have a few days.  Otherwise our little sheep have to be warned.

William Moran signing formal apostasy from submission to the Papacy and adherence to the Orthodox schism.

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