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Fr. "Juan de Jesus" UNMASKED

What follow is a post taken from Cath Info.  I have followed this story for the last couple of years, especially regarding the Teco infiltration of the SSPX La Reja seminary and the Mexican SSPX district.  I have confirmed many of these details with priests and even Traditional Catholics (sedevacantist or otherwise) in Guadalajara.  It is important to expose this person who seeks to insult good Catholics and even the deceased.

Fr. Sergio Ruiz Vallejo, supporter of rebellion against the Archbishop and the seminary.

I'm a Traditional Catholic. I was born in Mexico. I must say the following: 

1. The author of this calumny is Father Sergio Ruiz Vallejo, former SSPX priest. He was allied since the beginning with Fr. Morello (Seminary Rector) against Bp. Faure and La Reja Seminary, that is to say, against Archbishop Lefebvre. 

2. Fr. Morello was not expelled from the SSPX because Urritigoity, but for sedevantist, also because he divided the Seminary, he ran away with half of the seminarians. A Seminary rector who is a traitor deserves to be expelled, isn’t he? 

It’s true Fr. Morello warned the SSPX about Urritigoity. But, after the split, Urritigoity went to Winona Seminary and said he was a scapegoat of Morello. Morello was verified to be a liar. ABP Lefebvre was asked if Urritigoity could enter the Seminary and he approved. That is the only reason he was accepted on Winona Seminary. 

3. Father Sergio Ruiz belonged to an organization called “The Tecos, from Guadalara, Jalisco. The Tecos owns a “Traditional Catholic University” called Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. They planned and carried out the split of La Reja Seminary and a cruel persecution against Fr. Faure. Who are the Tecos? 

The University was founded by a group of laymen supported by Jesuits priests to oppose the socialist education in Guadalajara (1930’s). After a fight, the Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara was founded. Family Leaño were founders and have the control since the beginning. Once the University was founded, they created the Secret Society Los Tecos. After years of financial starvation, the UAG received money from the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations as well as from the Agency for International Development (AID). By 1975, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara had a budget of ten million dollars, in what Vice-Dean Antonio Leaño (head of Leaño family), called a "miracle" of American and Mexican philanthropy. That miracle was the result of the funds provided by the U.S. government through the Agency for International Development (AID) and the aforementioned American “philanthropic” foundations. Between 1964 and 1974, they had bestowed nearly twenty million dollars in grants to the Tecos' university. With the influx of American financial assistance, the Tecos at the Guadalajara campus were able to finance their nonacademic programs. According to a Mexican political analyst who infiltrated the T ecos and attended their secret meetings, the grants and scholarship funds received from the United States were laundered through the university for Tecos use. "Much of this money went to support the Teco 'political' activities," he said. Their political activities were many. They established political front groups, such as FEMACO (Mexican Anti-Communist Federation) and the IACCD (Inter-American Confederation of Continental Defense), to serve as liaisons to right-wing groups. They became part of the World Anti-Communist League in 1972. Their power became enormous. Soon, the Tecos assumed the leadership of the Latin American Anti-Communist Confederation (CA L). That’s why they have so many liaisons in all the right wing world. Tecos also belong to the John Birch Society (note from blog: My grandparents belonged to the JBS and were directly pointed to Archbishop Lefebvre by one of the leaders of the organization. That said, the JBS was most probably hijacked, but I don't have enough information to say on this detail. Comments or info is welcome.), established in 1958 by the CIA and the Rockefellers. Mr. Antonio Leaño, head of the Tecos, also had a strong friendship with President Lyndon Johnson. He attended the President’s funeral. He also was a friend of President Bush Sr. 
NOW, taking advantage of his position as “anti-communists” “anti-jewish”, “catholics”, they denounced the II Vatican Council and helped Fr. Saenz y Arriaga (founder of sedevacantism), and many other priests to begin the “resistance” to the council. The cardinal of Guadalajara Garibiy Rivera, issued a letter in 1964 warning "students so that they would not go astray by those who with the pretext of fighting errors like Communism, built secret organizations in which it is demanded under oath of strict secrecy and obedience to unknown leaders and even with clear menaces to those who would break the orders given”. They promoted the split of many Traditional Catholics groups. They slandered many priests with the aim of dividing the Traditional Catholic Resistance to the modernism. 

4. The Tecos approached the SSPX. On the University, they sent their students to Ignatian Retreats preached on the SSPX. Then, they sent them to the Seminaries, Ecône, La Reja, Winona. This way they had agents to destroy, to divide the work of ABP. Lefebvre. 

5. When Bp. Faure was District Superior of Mexico, he was persecuted by them. They made up the ridiculous story of his “Jewish father”. The Tecos asked Fr. Schmidberger to remove Bp. Faure of his charge of Superior. He was removed in 1991, after the death of ABP Lefebvre. Since then, he has been persecuted by all the Tecos, the sedevacantists, even the SSPX. Why? Bp. Faure is a real counterrevolutionary. He knows the Revoution very well. He was an obstacle for the Tecos to act within the Society. 


After Bp. Faure left Mexico, it was a rule within the Society to not have liaisons with the Tecos. Since the arrival of Fr. Trejo as Prior of Guadalajara, the Tecos were involved again in the Society. Tecos have a lot, a lot, a lot of money. They helped to build the Guadalajara church, and maybe the priory of Mexico City. The rest is history... 

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