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With 20 French priests in the resistance, with the prestigious Dominicans of Avrillé on the front line of combat, and with Bishop Faure, the new French bishop; the RAILLIÉS, the TRAITORS the ACCORDISTAS, are encountering serious difficulties in their advance on French soil.

translated from NON POSSUMUS by Michael Fuller

About the Dominicans of Avrillé communiqué of Father Christian Bouchacourt July 1, 2015

1. For more than a year, the Dominican Fathers of the Avrillé Convent have propagated and maintained distrust of the authorities of the SSPX, especially regarding Bishop Fellay and the General House.  Through conferences, in publications and on their website, they accuse the superiors of the SSPX of abandoning the good fight for the faith in order to lead the Society to an agreement, at all costs, with the Roman authorities.  We have tried, in vain, in various meetings, to prove otherwise and show them how their attitude threatens the unity of Tradition, sowing doubt and division. This communiqué seeks to restore the truth in order to defend the honor of our superiors and our priestly family.

2. The well-known facts of this increasingly open opposition are the following:

-On Sunday January 19th, 2014, the Dominican Fathers distributed to those who attended Mass in the Convent of Avrillé, 1 "Appeal to the Faithful",  a text that was made public on the previous January 7th [Error: This document was published on January 19th, 2014. Non Possumus], and accused the General House of Menzingen of taking "the opposite direction" of that which was carried out by Archbishop Lefebvre "by aligning themselves modernist Rome" and "pertinacity in this direction which leads to death"; the priests of Avrillé are among the signatories of this text;

-That same day, Father Pierre-Marie gave a conference to the faithful who had gone to Avrillé and his goal was to explain and justify this "Appeal to the Faithful" and how well founded it was;

-The text of the "Appeal to the Faithful", accompanied by a significant introduction, was published in Le Sel de la Terre n ° 88 (spring 2014) pp. 138-139;

-The confidential correspondence of Bishop Fellay, which was exchanged after the publication of the "Appeal to the Faithful," was published in Le Sel de la Terre n ° 89 (Summer 2014), pp. 215-220.

-The Dominican Fathers took position in favor of the consecration of Bishop Faure on March 19, 2015, and published a lengthy account justifying this act in Le Sel de la Terre No. 92 (Spring 2015), pp. 139-169.

3. Just like all the signatories of the "Letter to the Faithful," the Dominican Fathers of Avrillé decided that they must present “not a statement breaking with the SSPX but on the contrary, a public testimony of their firm and faithful commitment to the principles that always guided Archbishop Lefebvre in the combat for the faith”.  But in this way they are in a complete illusion and take with them all those who follow them.  For this fight for the faith, Archbishop Lefebvre always carried it out not only in the doctrinal fidelity to tradition, but also in order, in unity and peace, and in the spirit of obedience.  The Avrillé priests are not faithful to these principles, since they denigrate the authority of the successor of Archbishop Lefebvre and cast suspicion on the acts of his governing, in order to create dialectic between the members of the Society and their superiors, even by opposing the priests among them.  To be able to break away [Note from translator: the term used “desligarse” means to detach or separate oneself from something completely. The etymology is related to the word religion being its opposite according to Cicero religare. To Realign-reattach oneself with God.]  from an authority, it is necessary that this authority is actually moving one to sin against the faith or morals. The Dominicans of Avrillé are unable to demonstrate which acts carried out by the Superior General manifest that "Menzingen is betraying the combat for the Faith". It is not the General House which is betraying the combat for the Faith; it is those who call themselves "the resistance" that are the ones that weaken it by their subversive maneuvers.

4. The consecration of a bishop by Bishop Williamson is not justified in any way.  Whatever the bad pretexts may be by which they try to make it plausible, it does nothing more than aggravate this spirit of independence and division.  Archbishop Lefebvre always expressed himself clearly in order to warn against such a state of mind. "It is the Superior General", he said during a meeting in Ecône on July 4th, 1988, "who maintains ties with Rome and, in a word, takes responsibility for Tradition; it is the structure of the Society that exists in the eyes of the Church.  We never wanted an organization of Tradition or a presidency of this association; but it is a fact that the Society is the backbone of Tradition, its providential instrument, upon which all the initiatives of Tradition should support themselves".  In supporting the episcopal consecration of Bishop Faure, the Dominican Fathers of Avrillé make themselves accomplices of a disastrous work and cause serious harm to the common good of Tradition, even more so being that the only reason given to justify this act rests upon the accusation, without proof, that the SSPX has abandoned the combat for the faith.

5. Obviously, no Superior, responsible before God for the good of his district, can remain without reacting to these repeated positions and stances.  We cannot permit that mistrust, division, the political party spirit, and denigration are installed in our ranks.  It is about the common good of the flock; and the first duty of a pastor is to preserve its unity and cohesion, putting it out of the reach of these troublemakers.

6. Consequently, in the presence of so many lying accusations, the District of France cannot support the community of the Dominicans of Avrillé who, because of their subversive maneuvers, are sowing doubt and division in the ranks of Tradition and weakening its strength.

This situation is very unfortunate.  May the Holy Spirit enlighten the superior of the community of the Dominicans of Avrillé and that Our Lord and Our Lady keep us in the unity of truth and charity, faithful to the good fight of Archbishop Lefebvre, for the honor of Christ the King, of the Holy Church and the good of our souls.

Fr.  Christian BOUCHACOURT, French District Superior of the SSPX.
On July 1st, 2015, the feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord.


ADDENDUM: Liberals support Fr.  Bouchacourt, of course...

“This statement of Fr. Bouchacourt is very good and very timely.  Be wary of the people who are hardened. I gladly say to the young people: "A bridge too hard breaks under the effect of vibrations".  Fr. Aulagnier

“The Dominicans of Avrillé constitute a "hardened" community in the traditional Catholic world, and it has been this way for several years.  For this reason, Father Bouchacourt, District Superior of SSPX France issued a communiqué.  In addition to the systematic and violent questioning of Rome, the Dominicans of Avrillé wage a merciless war on the SSPX, which they uncompromisingly denounce.  We know that the Dominicans of Avrillé did not hesitate to attack any approaching of Rome by the SSPX, even by reproducing confidential correspondence.  This reproach of freely publishing texts, without the consent of those concerned, is nothing new. A few years ago, they published letters in their magazine from Fr. Berto ...

“But it is above all that deep down the Dominicans of Avrillé have truly grown reluctance. The bitterness in recurrent publications of Avrillé ended up creating a malaise that has not stopped growing in the publications close to the SSPX.  Priests and faithful have been at a distance from a community that seems locked in a purely ideological struggle. The discomfort had been felt, but no one dared to talk about it in order to not undermine the unity around the SSPX... However, the violent crisis of 2012, the attacks on Bishop Fellay, the departure of certain priests to the "resistance", then the consecration of Bishop Faure created a new situation where the tongues were no longer restrained. The Dominicans of Avrillé broke ties with Menzingen since the beginning of 2014. These hardliners, being hereinafter out of the SSPX, allow us to expose the errors of these groups, of which one wonders if they will not end in schism or a sect ... On the contrary, we feel reassured by the cautious tone and rejection of vain polemics by those responsible for the SSPX. Deo Gratias!” Riposte Catholique.

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