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Neo-SSPX Priest that Persecuted the Resistance Leaves to Join Modernists

Translated from Non Possumus

Original in French here

Fr. Renaud de la Motte, prior of Fabrègues, left the Neo-SSPX for the conciliar church and to be incardinated in the diocese. This announcement was made April 26th to the faithful of the priory.

A month earlier, Father de la Motte had excommunicated a layperson from Perpignan because of a subversive compromise with Bishop Williamson.

In recent news, we just heard that the new prior of Fabregues has gone further in the excommunications. Indeed, regarding the person of 83 years who had been excommunicated (literally) by Father de la Motte for having received Bishop Williamson in his home, Father Rousseau has gone further by specifying that this excommunication was also true in the case of "If you would like to receive ANY PERSONALITY OF THE RESISTANCE" in your home.

In addition to the odious blackmail of the sacraments to an aged person in need, is the legal absurdity of such a penalty. In effect, what does Fr. Rousseau mean "receive in your home"?  If Fr. Pinaud goes to your house to drink a small cup of tea on the terrace, will you be excommunicated? What is meant by personality of the resistance? Is there a blacklist of bishops, priests,brothers, and laity that are considered personalities of the resistance? Are they Elias and Enoch?

Beyond this aberration and inhumanity of a prior of the Neo-SSPX, we see that a dangerous spirit is shaping of a party that no longer supports the possibility of another way to eternal salvation other than Bishop Fellay, the Neo-SSPX and new spirit. This is what Father Garrigou-Lagrange called the "NOSISMO" (collective selfishness and pride).
A priest of the Neo-SSPX that currently has a very important position in the district of France acknowledges that such a punishment has been falling over the congregation.

Outside the Church there is no salvation: This is an absolutely true dogma. Outside of the Neo-SSPX and Bishop Fellay there is no salvation. This is a clear schism ...

See Non Possumus regarding the prohibition of sacraments by this priest:

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