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The Oasis of Jesus Priest

The Oasis of Jesus-Priest: Devoured by the Conciliar Beast
Translated by Br. Raymond of Pennafort, T.O.P.

In 2007, the Oasis of Jesus, Priest of Barcelona Monastery was “recognized” by Conciliar Rome. Among the reasons that Fr. Muñoz gave in that moment, there is the following:

“Although the Oasis is a Pious Union, we are lacking the approval of our statutes and constitutions of the contemplative life by the Church’s Hierarchy. The circumstances in the Church and in the Oasis have changed in regards to the Tridentine Mass. Before, more than 30 years ago, the Tridentine Mass was banned, relegated and impeded in many parts. Because we celebrate the Tridentine Mass, our Constitutions of Contemplative Life of the Oasis remained ‘frozen’. Today the Hierarchy of the Church has recognized that it had never been abrogated; it favorably fosters and grants the Tridentine Mass. There are more than 300 bishops that have already celebrated it. The Pious Union has never been suppressed by the Archbishop of Barcelona with any decrees of extinction. For that reason, the Oasis does not have to make an agreement with Rome; it only asks for its recognition of its actual situation. Rome has granted a privilege to those that desire to keep Catholic Tradition, which is “Ecclesia Dei”, where, in an evident evolution, the Tridentine Mass and Tradition can be kept each day with more peace and tranquility. This organization has currently received more than 60 religious institutes. The Oasis has not been asked to change anything that compromises its relation with Tradition: no agreements and no signatures…”

Speaking of the advantages of the recognition, Fr. Muñoz points out:

We can continue with the Tridentine Mass without any obstacle or impediment. We can follow Tradition like we have up to now. We can follow our Constitutions, Customs and our Spirit.”
In an interview with the blog “Creer in México”, Fr. Muñoz states:
The word ‘agreement’ with Rome is not correct for us. An agreement means a deal or pact between people that have agreed on signing a document. We have not signed anything to enter in Ecclesia Dei, and neither have they given us any sort of conditions. This is about ‘Recognition’ of Oasis, that is to say an ‘Approval’ of Oasis and the Constitutions and nothing more than this. Oasis will continue being what it has been up to now, which is faithful to the tradition and liturgy and the Tridentine Mass. And all of this that up to now we have done on the margins of the Hierarchy of the Church, we will now do under its watch and with its blessing.”

Well then, this is the situation after the “Recognition” or “Approval” of Oasis “without conditions”, according to what a reader from Spain informs us:

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Oasis of Jesus-Priest, the Sunday Mass on 04-17-2016 was celebrated by Monsignor Guido Pozzo where they approved the new Constitutions of the Oasis with more than a dozen changes.
“The new constitutions recognize the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass is accepted, which was already expected some time ago.

“Also, the title of Mother General disappeared and the Oasis now pledges to only obey Rome. Not even the new Oasis of Córdoba depends on the Oasis of Barcelona: they are independent, each with their own community Mother.

“Rev. Fr. Muñoz cannot even decide anything, since in the Oasis everything has to be first consulted with Rome.

“The religious are already in the hands of Rome. They, on the other hand, are content because they say things like how we must look at all the changes that the Pope makes with the eyes of faith.

“It’s a shame when someone pretends that something is something that it’s not. I’m speaking of the Oasis since you can read any article where they say that they are going to defend Tradition, and they’re not going to fall into Modernism, but they go little by little silently without many people knowing.”

Monsignor Guido with the Oasis

Regarding the visit of Monsignor Guido with the Oasis, the following article informs us: (excerpt)

“A memorable experience occurred last Sunday the 17th of April in the Monastery of the Immaculate of the Congregation of the Oasis of Jesus-Priest in the municipality of Dosrius very close to Mataró (Barcelona), on the occasion of their very own 50th anniversary. With the approval of their definitive Constitutions, after a trial period ‘ad experimentum’ of three years of these same constitutions, the Holy See wanted to unite itself in a very special manner to the event by sending Archbishop Monsignor Guido Pozzo, member and consultant of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and secretary of the Pontifical Commission ‘Ecclesia Dei’, accompanied by the Italian Dominican Fr. Vincenzo Nuara.

“In his homily, Archbishop Guido Pozzo made a quick consideration of the various evils that afflict our present world, warning of the temptation that tends to want to be able to solve these problems without God. In this respect, he invited the faithful to put their only hope in the Resurrected Lord and take advantage of this time of grace that is the ‘Year of Mercy’, proclaimed by Pope Francis.”

The new faithful of the Oasis

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