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A Bishop in Action: a brother from the Holy Cross Monastery

A Bishop In Action 

By a Benedictine brother of the Holy Cross Monastery.
Translated by Michael Fuller (original in Portuguese here. )

A bishop in action
A greatly anticipated event

By a Benedictine brother of the Holy Cross Monastery, Nova Friburgo, Brazil

In the Benedictine monastery of Nova Friburgo, an event can take us all by surprise!

Such an event can shake some, scare others, surprise many, give hope to others, in particular, and give much hope for many of the traditional Catholic faithful in Brazil and the world. But ultimately, what is this event that may cause such a big impact? It is important, very important. We will have an episcopal consecration!

Yes, my dear faithful, it seems that Providence guided us to this. It seems that we will have the grace, honor, and the privilege of having a consecration in our monastery.
On this day, this great and beautiful ceremony will be marked forever in the memory and history of each of us as an indelible mark of faith and charity.

But many could criticize us, they might object saying – “What a scandal, why did it come to this? What is the need?  What for? Why the need for more testimonies ... What do you think?"
To these criticisms and objections we respond with the following: Firstly, what we are doing is for the honor and greater glory of God; Secondly, for the good of souls; thirdly, for the safety and care of the Resistance.

Yes, my dear friends, our fight is for tradition, our combat is the defense of the Catholic faith, our fight is the immutable doctrine, the liturgy of all times, the everlasting sacraments, the incorruptibility of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre through the development of the Priestly Union of his most faithful children. And they continue, despite the weaknesses and deficiencies, with God's grace and the help of the Most Holy Virgin the great task of fighting for Christ the King, the firm and enduring blockade that is the Resistance.

From another angle, our struggle has been and will continue to be, always, against any pernicious error that threatens the rights of God and the Church, our fight is maintained against any liberalism and its expanding variations, it is openly spreading all over the place, trying to penetrate even into Catholic circles.  Such penetration endangers our faith, endangers the precious virtue of faith.  Now, and is this not what happens to those who come into contact, direct or indirect, with liberals and modernists? They end up in one way or another, sooner or later, quickly or slowly letting themselves become infected by a non-Catholic spirit, by a subversive spirit. An example of this was the disaster of Second Vatican Council and its terrible fruits - ecumenism: meeting of Assisi, religious freedom: proliferation of sects, collegiality: dissemination of hierarchical authority, etc.

Already very evident, "non possumus", we cannot approach the current Rome without first witnessing its conversion, without first seeing Rome make a clear and public profession of the integrity of the Catholic faith. We are not naive, however their aggressive attacks are not as blatant, they are smart, they know how to wait, wait for the right moment to strike, to impose their will. They know how to wait, like an old fox of the woods - experienced and skilled in its business - which is hidden in the bush waiting for the victim to go to spring on it and have it in its claws, between his teeth.

While the adulterous and conciliar Protestant Rome persists in its error in its conduct, maintaining a distance is necessary: distance of its liberalism, its liberalism, its apparent farce of Catholicism. There is a necessity of maintaining distance.

And what do we see in the Society in recent times?

The misconduct that the Neo-SSPX is doing is an approach with Rome that creates connections that awaken and stimulate reconciliation, a regularization. But without the return of Rome the Holy Faith, this is impossible, it is unthinkable, it is to go against the principles that guide the foundation of the Society. It would be a going with what is unacceptable. And therefore, it will never be able to restore all things in Christ, "Instaurare omnia in Christo".

Like it or not, the fact is - the Society is already striding down the slope of openness to the world, to liberalism, with very human visions of theological issues, the doctrinal problems, and extending calmly and slowly its arm with the pen in hand to sign the papers of a future agreement. But sooner or later is it likely to come out with a deal? Only God knows. We speculate that it is probable, that it is predictable, it is not impossible. What to do? Do good, avoid evil. Wait and see what happens. The time and prayer will tell us, but and above all, pray a lot, as a bishop wisely says- 15 mysteries every day - so that the worst does not happen and evil does not triumph.

Warning: It (the Society) is already dispersing the little flock that is fighting modern errors, diverting the armies of Tradition by crooked ways. The few faithful sheep are already in company with the ravening wolves. Great care is required.

And the Resistance what will it do about all this that is happening? Act, react, take action in response - with: Operation Consecration! It is a daring, risky petulance, but it is necessary.

I hear the voices soar ... I hear the echo agitators, arguing - What recklessness! What schismatic spirit, acting without reason, without seeing the consequences of their actions, that lack of judgment and discernment. Surely not! We believe that there is no better way to judge such a thing as an act of obligation before God and our good companions - priests, religious, faithful.

We are confident, and confidence, according to St. Thomas, is a hope strengthened by solid conviction that our trust is in God and Our Lady. Not in our mere and little strength because human things are weak and feeble, but in the aid and approval of our Father and our heavenly Mother.

Now, more than ever, now what we want, what we need are truly Catholic bishops, bishops faithful to the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre, the legacy of Bishop De Castro Mayer, to save valuable treasures of Catholic orthodoxy, doctrinal integrity which is nothing if not fidelity to tradition. They (the bishops) in being confirmed in the faith, ensure the doctrine, to pass on what has been received.
Already in our position regarding the approach to Conciliar Rome - we have and will continue to have a position of distance, a necessary maintenance of distance, but observant, constant but weary of the occupied, progressive Rome that corrupted the eternal notion of Truth, committed adultery with the faith, the sacraments, the liturgy, theology in almost all its entirety. Without its return to the One Catholic faith in its entirety and amplitude we cannot have accord, we cannot unite, we cannot put ourselves under an authority that has lost the perennial faith, an authority that has lost the immutable truth.

They are unreliable, however well-intentioned they are not credible.
The progressive trend is dangerous, and everywhere they tried to slay the reign of Christ the King, let the souls be lost, descristianize the world. These are the things they want, after all, are they not  the worst enemies (modernists) of the Church?

We have to oppose it and battle in the opposite direction. Working for Christ the King, for his kingship, for the salvation of souls and Christianization of society. These are our goals.  And Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop De Castro Mayer did not think different! For them this was the course, the goal, the path to go, with the help of Providence and the Immaculate.

Our line is already drawn, our position is already signed, signed on the rock, our position is that of Archbishop Lefebvre, it  is the same of St. Pius X, it is that of Bishop Williamson, it is the position of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is they whom we follow and we will not turn away or desist.

We resist! Resistant! Resistance! We will not hand over our weapons. And what is our greatest weapon? The armor of faith. That St Joseph aids us through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Episcopal consecration - Monastery of the Holy Cross,
Nova Friburgo / RJ - Brazil
Time: 09:00 am
Elected: Rev. Jean Michel Faure.
The hands of H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson
Date: March 19, 2015 - Feast of the Glorious St. Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary and the Church Universal Shield

Salve Maria, guardian of the Faith!

Viva Cristo Rey!

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