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From Argentina With Love (13 Apr 2015)


SACRIFICIUM                                                  NON POSSUMUS

Dear readers,

Here is a link to a DICI article about the administrative recognition of the Neo-SSPX by the 
government of Argentina. The Neo-SSPX explains, quite correctly, that although this is not 
a religious or canonical recognition but a secular one, it nevertheless could not have 
happened without the direct intervention of the Cardinal of Buenos Aires in favor of the 
Neo-SSPX. DICI goes even so far as speculating that the Cardinal may have acted with the 
approval of Pope Francis.

(For the Spanish original documents and their English translation see:

Let me add my own speculation to that of the DICI article: This help received from the 
Cardinal of Buenos Aires has not been obtained from one day to the next. It has probably 
been the fruit of the efforts of Rev. Father Christian Bouchacourt, who was the District 
Superior of South America until August 2014. This priest is the one who has declared publicly
 that the Jews were not deicide (meaning: they didn't crucify Our Lord). As a reward for his 
loyal services in Argentina, Bishop Fellay has appointed Fr. Bouchacourt District Superior of 
France, a post he occupies since September 2014.

This DICI article shows us that, far from being offended at receiving the “loving” help of a 
Modernist Cardinal, Menzingen cannot keep itself from "salivating" at the prospect of more 
such future "quasi-recognitions". DICI also wants to give us a concrete example of how much
 an official recognition by Rome could help the Neo-SSPX in its apostolate around the world. 
Thus Menzingen remains consistent with the direction traced in 2012: In our relations with 
Rome, let us separate the practical aspect (what is concrete) from the doctrinal aspect 
(what is abstract). Let us get a canonical solution first and, once back “home” in Rome, we 
will work on solving those doctrinal questions “that are still problematic”.

Thus, we can see that Menzingen is still very actively working, and this on multiple levels, 
towards a "canonical solution" with Rome. The Neo-SSPX never tires in preparing the minds 
of its priests and faithful to accept such a recognition.

She doesn’t need to fear, after more and more such examples of “collaboration”, it will come! 
The Neo-SSPX will then go from the stage of more or less hidden “kisses” to that of a 
glittering marriage ceremony! Unfortunately, it would then be, in fact, an adulterous “marriage”
 between Truth and Error, which may scare some delicate souls and bring some losses to the 

But Menzingen need not fear: This kind of problem will cease to be an issue next fall, since 
the upcoming Synod on the Family will surely allow divorced “re-married” couples to receive 
the sacraments!

Fr. Patrick Girouard

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