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Tradition judges the pope

taken from Syllabus

"They say to me: 'You judge the Pope'. Archbishop Benelli reproached me saying: 'It is not you who decides what is Truth.' Of course it's not me who decides what is Truth, but neither does the Pope. The Truth is our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore we have to refer to what our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us, what the apostles have taught us, what the Fathers of the Church, and to what the whole Church has taught in order to know where the Truth is.

"It is not I who judges the Holy Father, it is Tradition.

"A five year old child with his catechism may very well respond to his bishop, if his bishop came to say: 'Our Lord is not present in the Holy Eucharist.' This 5 year old child with his catechism reads and says: 'But my catechism says otherwise'. So who is right? Is the bishop right or the catechism? Obviously the catechism is. The catechism represents the Faith of all times. It is very simple. It is a childlike reasoning. But here we are. If today they tell us to hold inter-religious gatherings with Protestants because there are no longer differences between us and Protestants, well, it's not true."

Archbishop Lefebvre, the new church, Sermons, Tomo II, 1975-1976, Editorial Iction, Buenos Aires 1983

"There is a huge difference. A 5 year-old child, opening his catechism, can very well say to the priest, or perhaps the bishop, who is teaching him something contrary to the truth taught in the catechism of all times, that child can say: 'you are not telling the truth.' And the priest or the bishop cannot reply, 'you are judging your bishop, you are judging your priest.' 'No, I am judging neither my bishop nor my priest. My catechism is judging them.'"

Archbishop Lefebvre 1976, cited in Christendom, May-June 2006, #5.

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